Police are searching for the mum of a child who was hit by a car yesterday. 

The child, believed to be 8-years-old, was hit by a grey Ford Mondeo on Freshbrook Way but got up and left with the mum. 

The driver of the car stopped and was cooperating with police but officers wish to speak to the mum to get their details and check the child is okay. 

PC Ben Cox said: "It is thought the child ran out into the road into the path of the vehicle before being struck. 

"The driver stopped at the scene and fully cooperated with officers.

"However, our enquiries have been unable to identify the child involved and we would like the child and their mother to make themselves known to us so we can obtain their details and check on whether the child has any injuries. 

"With the information we have so far, I believe that there was no serious injury to the child."