GYM users will be asked to take on more responsibility for cleaning when the Link Centre opens its doors.

But staff members will still be on hand to make sure everything is safe.

Josh Roper, partner manager at Better, explained: “We’re doing it two-fold.

"Every area will have a cleaning station.

“It was always a rule that users would wipe down the equipment before and after every use, the only difference now is that we’ll have cleaning teams going round the whole area making sure it’s cleaned down properly.

“We’re just enhancing that cleaning regime. We’re not putting sole responsibility on to the customers.

“But there is a bit of social responsibility. When they come in they’ll be asked to keep it clean and tidy.”

But Josh believes that shouldn’t be too much of an ask, based on what he saw pre-lockdown.

He said: “Before we went in to lockdown we saw people were doing a lot more enhanced cleaning of their own kit, which we had never seen before.

“Normally people just think ‘oh it’ll get cleaned by someone else’ and they’ll walk off.

“The social awareness and responsibility now has helped stop that but everywhere will have a cleaning station and we’ll have fitness instructors in the gym that will double up.

“They’ll be interacting with customers and seeing how they are, from a safe distance, as well as making sure it’s cleaned.”