Scouts and cubs from Swindon are set for a Scottish adventure next year after their group was awarded a £2,000 grant.

Leaders of 19th Swindon Scouts are being given the money by the South Swindon Parish Council which will allow them to plan a seven day activity summer camp.

Cub section leader Nas Orchard said: “It was quite a pleasant surprise because there was so much going on with the coronavirus I was worrying about what we were going to do to survive and how we were going to get more money.

“Fortunately the application was put in before the lockdown and it will help us to continue,” he said.

The beavers, cubs and scouts who normally meet at Goddard Park Primary School have started using Zoom for their weekly gatherings after the government imposed the lockdown to suppress the coronavius pandemic.

But Nas said numbers have been diminishing throughout lockdown.

“You can only do so much through Zoom, to keep the children’s’ interest,” he said.

“We’ve been doing a lot of activities on zoom and giving badges out as best we can, but there’s only so much you can do.

“Unfortunately there are a number of groups that have just folded because of the situation with the virus,” he added.

Nas said his cub group has gone down from about 36 members to 14 now the weekly sessions have gone online.

“When the parish council asked I did explain the necessity of having this kind of grant, to allow us to survive with the way things are,” said Nas.

The council’s grant will go towards a deposit for transport and activities for a camp next July, after events for this summer had to be cancelled.

Nas said: “I’d love to take the kids up to Scotland, to show them something different.

“We’ll hopefully be able to hire two minibuses and just reward the children for sticking with us and going through these troubled times.”

Chairman of the parish council’s planning and environment committee, councillor Trish Philpot, said: “Congratulations to the 19th Swindon Scouts Group on their successful grant application.

“Scouting activities and the skills learned make such a positive difference to young people. Parish councillors are really pleased we could help support them.

“The seven day summer camp will be in Scotland and councillors were told the pack will have never travelled so far away from home for a camp. It sounds something really special.

“We wish the 19th Scouts Group well with their future camps and activities.”