THE manager of a Swindon care home said she was upset and cross by the prime minister claiming that too many facilities did not follow safety procedures during lockdown.

Marie Cranfield of Cheriton Care Home praised the tireless efforts of her staff and demanded that Boris Johnson apologise for what he said.

She added: “I’m so disappointed with what the prime minister said. It’s been a challenging time so I’m quite upset and cross about his comments. He was saying well done a few weeks ago and now he’s changed his tune.

“He must have realised that saying that would cause upset, it’s out of order and I think he should apologise.

“I’m very proud of my team for what they have done. The care staff have worked tirelessly to keep the home safe, everyone has pulled together and worked hard even though it’s been an anxious time for all of us.

“I think care homes have not had the full support from the government that they needed. All the safety measures were put in place quite late, like the weekly testing that should have started earlier.”

Adver readers disagreed with the PM’s comments and praised the work that staff in care homes around the borough have put in to keep their loved ones safe during these difficult times.

Donna Royle said: “The care homes are doing well I think. My nan lives in a care home and they are brilliant in there. They closed visits to everyone about two weeks before Boris decided to shut the country.

“I don’t get how he can blame care homes, I’m disgusted.”

Robert Clark said: “The staff at the Ridgeway House care home in Royal Wootton Bassett have done a tremendous job and haven’t had one case in their 50 residents.

“I for one am appreciative of their amazing efforts working in hot conditions with uncomfortable PPE on for 12-hour shifts for low pay. I think that the comments from the PM will be very demoralising for them.”

Coate Water Care manages three care homes in Swindon - Ashbury Lodge, Downs View and Church View.

Operations manager Paul Houldey said: “We would like clarification on what procedures the prime minister feels care homes are not following.

“And we would welcome conversations with the government about a long-awaited and overdue review of how to fund the cost of care within care homes, and a timescale for this sustained injection of funding.”