THE amount of serious or fatal crashes on Wiltshire's roads more than halved over the last three months.

Wiltshire Police reported a 55 per cent drop in major road traffic accidents during the second quarter of 2020. During this period, 10 people aged between 17 and 84 died in fatal collisions, with the victims' average age being 56.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson said: “As the weather improves with the season, we have seen an increase in accidents involving motorcyclists and cyclists.

"More people cycled and walked during lockdown and have continued to do so since the Covid-19 restrictions have eased. I urge all road users to be careful and be aware of others.

“This week, the roads policing and community policing units will be paying particular attention to drink driving as more pubs will be opening their doors for the first time since the restrictions were eased. It is regrettable that it is necessary to repeat the message time and time again that drink and drugs should never be combined with driving. If you wish to go out for an alcoholic drink please leave the car keys at home and travel by other means.

“Our Roads Policing unit has been supporting a number of national and local initiatives that tackle the 'Fatal Four': speeding, drink and drug driving, using a mobile phone, and not wearing a seatbelt while driving.”