June was a quiet month for Swindon Crown Court. Here's the full list of people sentenced at the court.

Fazian Iqbal

A Slough man who was trafficked to the UK and sold into slavery was jailed for 16 months after he admitted his latest raft of car crimes.

He'd led police on a high-speed chase past the police station and down the A419 in April.

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Craig Murray

The drugs runner has been given three months to stay on the straight and narrow.

Craig Murray was one dozens of dealers and runners caught in an undercover police operation that saw officers pose as drug addicts establish the scale of drug gangs’ dealing in Swindon.

Judge Peter Crabtree deferred sentence for three months, ordering the man work with Turning Point, be assessed for a drug rehabilitation order, live and sleep at his sister’s home, keep in touch with the probation service and commit no more offences.

Daisy Lovatt

The 32-year-old was drunk when she verbally abused people walking past her canal boat near Bradford-on-Avon, crashed her vessel then bit a police officer and laughed "by the way I've got coronavirus".

She was jailed for five months by Judge Jason Taylor QC, who accused her of weaponising coronavirus. You can read the full story here.

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Tyler Vernon

Vernon brandished a Taser in a brawl outside Sports Direct last January.

He admitted the crime earlier this year, but then went on the run for several months.

He was jailed for three years and two months. Judge Taylor said: "This was public disorder in full public view, which would have caused considerable unease and alarm."

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Claire Browner

Last year, Claire Browner was spared jail after admitting attacking a former partner with a broom handle.

She was back before the court over allegations she had breached her order by failing to keep in touch with probation. But Judge Taylor allowed the order to continue, saying she was "turning things around".

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A sick businessman with "octopus hands" and who molested his two sons and their friend in the 1990s was jailed for six-and-a-half years.

The man, who we are not naming in order to protect the identity of his victims, was described as an "evil and twisted predator" by one victim. Read the full story here.

Tinashe Ndongwe

The 26-year-old crashed his car on the A419 on February 3. The night before he'd been up until the early hours drinking and smoking cannabis - before hopping in his car to drive from Manchester to Southampton.

He was given a two year community order and 12 month roads ban. Judge Taylor said: "You can consider yourself extremely fortunate." Read the judge's sentencing remarks.

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Shane Jarvis

This career burglar preyed on pensioners across the south west, claiming to work for utilities companies or the police in order to steal bank cards and persuade them to hand over account details.

He was jailed for seven years and eight months.

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CCTV of Jarvis going into one victim's home Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

Anthony Jones

The 19-year-old flashed a replica gun at some girls in a Trowbridge shopping centre because he thought it would be "quite funny".

His victims had the last laugh, as Jones was jailed for 27 months by Judge Taylor.

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Anthony Jones outside Swindon Crown Court

The Smith brothers

Two men who left a trail of destruction in the wake of various bar brawls in Trowbridge and Westbury were jailed for eight years. Their brother, Andrew Smith, awaits sentence.

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Jordan Lane and Lucy Dullea

Lane came to his girlfriend Dullea's aid during a late night brawl on Wood Street. Lane received 10 months behind bars suspended for two years. His partner was given an 18 month community order. Get the full story.

Jonathan Skillern

The 37-year-old approached a family's car with what they believed was a weapon in his hands. He was spared jail - given an 18 month community order with 25 rehabilitation days.

Jason Stiggers

The drug dealer and runner was jailed for six years and a month after he admitted being involved in three different drugs operations in three years.

In a letter to the judge he said he'd had time to reflect and was sorry for his actions.

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Zane Earney-Maslen

The 20-year-old was jailed for 16 months for controlling his former girlfriend.

His abuse came to a head on a trip to Gloucester, when he subjected the teen to a sickening attack.

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