Pro-EU campaigners were joined in Swindon town centre on Sunday by the “B***ocks to Brexit ‘bus’”. 

The bus in question was, in fact, a yellow Mini covered in anti-Brexit signs and parked outside the town hall in Regent Circus. 

Owner Peter Cook performed a number of political-themed versions of popular rock and pop songs, including a pastiche of Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds’ Three Lions – Brexit’s Coming Home.

The guitarist was joined by a handful of demonstrators from Swindon For Europe. The group’s Steve Rouse said: “We learned last Friday that Peter Cook was coming here on his Britastrophe tour. Peter is touring the country raising awareness that the hard Brexit deal is ridiculous in the middle of the pandemic and its after-effects.”

The protest came as Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove announced that £705m would be spent on building new infrastructure to ensure the systems to manage Britain’s borders was fully operational by the time the UK leaves the European Union in December. 

The 11 month transition period ends on December 31. Negotiators for the EU and UK have until the end of the year to agree a trade deal.

Mr Gove said: "With or without further agreement with the EU, this £705m will ensure that the necessary infrastructure, tech and border personnel are in place so that our traders and the border industry are able to manage the changes and seize the opportunities as we lay the foundations for the world's most effective and secure border."

Labour’s Rachel Reeves claimed the plans were “too little, too late”. 

Pictures from the B***ocks to Brexit demonstration in Swindon town centre

All pictures by Adver photographer Dave Cox

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