CONCERNS have been raised over a lack of social distancing at a popular Old Town bar.

Mackenzies on Wood Street reopened on July 4 with a number of measures in place to help staff and customers.

But pictures taken last week show customers in the busy garden area at the back of the bar.

Clare Mellon, who took the pictures, said she visited the bar on Thursday night but felt unsafe.

She said: “When I got there, a sign said to sit and they’ll come to me but no-one came. We were sat there for 10 minutes before we realised we had to go to the bar.

“I didn’t feel very comfortable. Even though there are stickers on the floor telling you to stay two-metres apart, there were tables next to it with crowds of people at them.

“Throughout the night it got busier and busier but no one was policing the door and none of the staff were policing anyone to keep their distance.

“The smoking area was horrendous. I know it was a bit rainy but loads of people were congregating under the umbrellas.”

Clare added she visited a few other places in town last week but didn’t experience the same problems.

“They were spot on,” she said: “You couldn’t fault anyone else. It was quite rare to have to go to the bar.

“I was a bit concerned for people’s safety at Mackenzies. I just don’t think people really cared.

“I went to the bathroom and found I was brushing past people and I didn’t feel comfortable.”

The bar has acknowledged the pictures but said it is up to the public to follow the guidance.

Operations manager Nick Tyrell said: “At Mackenzies we are following all government guidance in relation to the safe operation of our premises.

“All staff have been trained in our new service procedures to keep themselves and customers safe and a significant amount of risk mitigation has been implemented.

“We have drastically reduced our capacity as per the guidance so our customers can keep the advised distance apart.

“As much as we try to guide our customers to keep their distance, ultimately the public do need to take responsibility for their own safety whilst out socialising and take advantage of the additional space we have created for them.”