ARCHERY instructor Rob Frontier was left traumatised after he was confronted by armed police and a dog handler just after he finished packing up his equipment..

Mr Frontier, 45, had spent a peaceful afternoon in Newlands Woods, Devizes, shooting at targets in a sunken hollow away from footpaths.

He said: “A few people walking on the paths above had stopped and watched and applauded. It had been a very nice afternoon.

“I had done all the health and risk assessments before I started. At about 7pm I packed up my bow, took off the string and put the arrows away in a separate quiver.

“Suddenly I hear a voice calling out ‘armed police.’ The first time I heard it I thought it was a teenager mucking about.

“But then I moved into the open and I saw about six police officers some holding guns. They shouted at me to put my arms above my head and I obeyed. There was also a dog handler.

“I was in total shock. It was completely surreal. At first they put handcuffs on me but later took them off. I was taken to police headquarters.

“I explained what I had been doing and eventually they seemed to believe me. But by then I was traumatised.

“I was not breaking any laws and I was extremely careful about everything that I did. I have been an archery instructor for a number of years and used to teach at Center Parc in Warminster before setting up my own archery club.

“I also used to teach children in Devizes.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: "We received a report at approximately 7.20pm on Tuesday 21 July regarding a man who was initially believed to be intoxicated and in possession of a bow and arrow in Newlands Woods, Quakers Walk, Devizes.

"Due to the nature of the report, officers attended the woods and located the man, who was initially arrested but de-arrested five minutes later once the bow had been made non-operational. The man was not believed to be intoxicated and fully complied with officers, but did admit to using cannabis at the location so words of advice were given."

His partner Phillipa Law, who suffers from anxiety, said the incident involving Rob had come just weeks after she had her own unfortunate experience with police.

She said: “About three weeks ago I was taking an afternoon nap in our flat in the centre of Devizes. I was naked and I woke up to find police officers peering through my bedroom window. It was very upsetting.” They later explained they were looking for a wanted man.