Farcical Covid decisions

The political elite think they are all smarter off their marks than a butchers dog when it smells its dinner.

That is their opinion of themselves, but I dont think many voters will agree, after this Covid-19 farce.

I do not use that word lightly. Many with their degrees think they know better that we do. Gordon Brown an ex Chancellor and Prime Minister had a degree in history.What has that got do with finance? One example of many.

You wouldn’t go to a history teacher to do your accounts would you? Do I make my point ?

Boris says we must all get on our bikes now. Tell that one to a bricklaying gang from Swindon working in Bristol.

This government has made more U turns regarding this virus.Than I have seen on the Swindon skate board parks.

Boris states that Covid -19 is more dangerous if you are obese. The porters at GWH never mind the doctors and nurses. Could inform him obesity can bring on heart attacks, strokes, cancer and type 2 diabetes. To mention but a few of many.

I have seen more clear decisive decisions being made by a child in a sweet shop. A fox in a hen coop, or an alcoholic locked inside a licensed grocers. Than I have observed from our Parliamentarians recently regarding Brexit and Covid-19.

You may spot a police presence in Swindon town centre tomorrow. Rarer than an MP with calloused hands from hard physical work.

I am going into the bank with my mask on,

Bill Williams

Merlin Way


An early health warning

The catastrophic damage inflicted by Covid-19 carries a timely warning that cannot be ignored.

Excess weight compromises our body’s natural health system of auto immunity and frequently brings illness and disease. The dramatic increase in diabetes and tooth decay in children in recent years in the UK must be halted soonest.

We ignore at our peril the Royal College of Surgeon’s being “seriously concerned about the state of children’s oral health, with almost one third of five year olds suffering from dental decay affecting three to four teeth many of which require extraction under general anaesthetic in hospital.

There are no routine preventive healthcare measures in place in the UK designed to address the warning signs of impending health problems and no better time to start than on the day a child is born.

The most valuable signals of impending illness are the appearance of decay in newly erupted teeth and an excessive increase in body weight.

It is incredible that in 2020 no reliable dynamic NHS database exists that can be interrogated to give an accurate picture of these two important diagnostic signs.

The mouth is a signal-box and the dentist is best placed to notice early problems.

A free NHS Children’s Dental Passport that records at three-monthly intervals initially weight and tooth/oral condition until 16 years of age is the solution.

The failure to register a newly born child for routine dental examinations to be carried out, removes any entitlement to free NHS dental care in the future.

Nigel Knott (Dr)

By email