Police said they would to everything they could to stop dealing around Barnum Court.

It follows magistrates signing off a closure order yesterday banning anyone except tenant Nicholas Davis, council officers and emergency service workers from entering the Rodbourne estate home.

JPs heard the house was linked to suspected drug dealing and anti-social behaviour.

Reacting to the case, PC Abigail Gosling said: "For several weeks, police have had regular involvement with the property. There have been multiple calls to the address regarding suspected drug dealing, drug use and anti-social behaviour.

"This is a family orientated area with a play park nearby. Children are regularly playing in the area and we will not tolerate this kind of criminal activity, especially within such close proximity to these young children.

"It has caused concern amongst local residents who have told police they often feel intimidated and upset by the behaviour and activity of those attending the address - this is completely unacceptable and nobody should be made to feel this way."

She urged anyone who saw people flouting the court order to call Wiltshire Police on 101.