THE Swindon team behind a breast cancer charity praised Great Western Hospital's effort during the pandemic.

Eunice Salmon of Breast Cancer Now said: "Our Swindon hospital, just like every other hospital in the country, has faced the same challenges during the pandemic.

"We know of breast cancer patients being admitted to hospital for emergency care.

"What is important is that people take responsibility for the own health by undertaking self- examinations regularly and ensuring they attend screening appointments when invited to.

"The sooner someone recognises a change or discovers a lump and starts the process of investigation and treatment the better.

"Some patients have actually benefitted from having their care delivered at home. Others have had radiotherapy delivered over a different timescale and studies have shown this not to be detrimental to the outcome.

"We are pleased to say that the Mad March Hare event still managed to raise £5,000 to donate to Breast Cancer Now despite being cancelled. Some of our entrants chose to complete their distance virtually and all of the entry fees were donated.

"We are confident the hospital will continue with new practices that have worked well for patients or resume normal practice ASAP.

"And it is brilliant that work has now started on building the new radiotherapy centre at GWH - something so many people will benefit from."