Boris Johnson has reportedly ordered officials to come up with a plan to avoid a second national lockdown.

The claims come after Mr Johnson was forced to announce a slow down of the lockdown easing on Friday, with planned relaxations for the leisure and beauty sectors delayed after a rise in Covid-19 cases was recorded, with prevalence in the community thought to be rising for the first time since May.

The Times reported the Conservative Party leader held a “war game” session with Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Wednesday to run through possible options for averting another nationwide lockdown that could stall any potential economic recovery.

Here's what you said on Facebook:

Jane Voss: "Maybe if he attended Cobra or Sage meetings in the first place and took his own advice, maybe if he ticked off Cummings for flouting rules, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place."

Alison McGregor: "Over 50’s to self isolate will take out a lot of the work force, need to clamp down on gatherings."

Terry Sargent: "At least there appears to be a plan of action being put in place, should a second national lockdown be put in place.

"The number of infections are being managed, and localised restrictions have been put in place, to prevent further spread of the virus.

A lot will depend on the small minority (who appear to have no respect, no humility, no sense of responsibility or compassion to others) to “step up to the plate” and all work together, in order that everyone’s lives can return to some sort of normality.

"Rates of infections dropped during the first lockdown. The same can happen again, but only if it can be contained."

Lesley Neal: "Close nothing, open everything, get back to a new normal with hygiene and not working if your ill, which has gone out the window for years because of intolerant bosses, and just be careful and not stupid. Common sense should be enough."

Vicki Thomas: "I don’t know what they can do other than another full lockdown.

"People seem to do what they want and ignoring all guidance and measures, no regard for their own or others health."

Jill Cuss: "I think most of the older generation are obeying all the rules. The younger generation need sorting out.

"Once the lockdown was eased they seemed to think everything was ok, raves, parties, protests and general gatherings. Social distancing ignored.

"Then they take the virus home to friends, family and work colleagues."

Sidney Ansell: "How selfish some of the young people are. If they were taught to respect others in the first place we would be well on the way to control this horrible virus."

Tim Harris: "The country cannot afford another lockdown. We just need to find a way to live with the virus and open everything up.

"The fallout to the economy is going to damage a lot of lives."

Chris Allanson: "Many recent cases often involve young people. Young people don't go in some pubs, but they do go to gyms. Close gyms before old guy real ale pubs?"

Stacey Wilson: "You need to stop big gatherings, you can't expect older people to shield.

"You either need to lockdown fully again and stop non-essential things but with furlough due to stop in a couple of months how are people going afford to live."

Sarah-Jane Newman: Close beaches, parks, pubs and gyms."

Andy Harrison: "It's mainly the young ones causing the problems with their attitude towards social distancing.

"If anything bring in stricter rules with real enforcement powers extended to include those with civilian enforcement qualifications given powers.

"A few £5,000 instant fines for those not social distancing or wearing masks will make them toe the line."

Lin Wilson: "Not just pubs. Even in town this morning some seem to think social distancing no longer matters. Like playing dodge ball."

Jade Turner: "Close pubs. That seems to be the issue. People are not following the social distancing in pubs."