A coronavirus case has been confirmed at the Greenbridge McDonald’s.

McDonald’s told the Adver the person was self-isolating and the restaurant has been deep cleaned.

A statement from the fast-food chain said: “One employee at the Greenbridge restaurant self-isolated last week having been in close contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid-19 – that person does not work for McDonald’s.

“The employee subsequently tested positive themselves and has therefore not returned to work.

“As a precautionary measure, the restaurant was deep cleaned by an external cleaning company.

“We have a number of safety measures in place to help keep our people safe, including perspex screens, temperature checks at the start of each shift, maintaining a two-metre distance from others as much as possible, face coverings, regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser.”

This is the latest business in Swindon to be hit by Covid-19 after Tesco, XPO Logistics and the Post Office had similar cases.

The most extreme was at XPO which saw 77 cases confirmed.

A mobile testing unit sent to the Swindon site tested more than 500 people over four days at the end of July.

The outbreaks prompted the government to move Swindon on to its coronavirus watch-list but Swindon Borough Council’s director for public health, Steve Maddern, said the town would not go into local lockdown.

He said: “We’re trying to win a war against an enemy we can’t see and that’s why it’s really important people maintain the measures that they do.”

“Are we heading towards local restrictions? The answer is no. Are we heading towards local lockdown? The answer is no.”

He added: “I think as we relax the measures, I think people are relaxing.

“Although we do have those higher rates, I know the numbers are still relatively small in comparison.

“When you would be talking to people on the street not everybody will know someone who’s had Covid, not everyone will know someone who has died from Covid.

“I think that gives an element of complacency and Swindon residents shouldn’t be complacent.”