A school teacher from Swindon was brutally attacked while out on a charity bike ride.

Peter James was riding near Cricklade to raise money for the Alzehiemer’s Society after his grandad died from dementia in 2014.

But while he was out, a Mercedes drove past very close to his bike.

Peter, 34, signalled to be given more space and the car stopped and waited for him to catch up.

When he did, a man stepped out, yelled abuse, and punched him off his bike and proceeded to attack him for more than five minutes.

Eventually the thug left, and Peter reported the incident to the police.

The attack potentially left him with a broken nose, eye socket and wrist.

Peter, who lives in North Swindon, said: “I just went out for a cycle ride.

"I was cycling through the Chelworth Industrial Estate, I’d just crossed an intersection and a car passed me within touching distance.

“I signalled for more space but he drove up, pulled over, approached me and was shouting and swearing.

“He punched me in the face, which knocked me off the bike.

“Then he stood over me and continued punching me for a good five or 10 minutes.

“At the end of it, he gave me this tirade of abuse and kicked me in the kidneys a couple more times.

“Then he threatened if I got back on my bike he would run me off it.”

Peter started cycling more this year but this is the first time he has experienced anything like this.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a novice cyclist,” he explained, “but I took it up as an interest and to raise a little bit of money.

“This is the first time this has ever happened to me.

“I’m just stunned, I can’t believe that asking for more space warrants that assault. I don’t understand it.

“The driver obviously had a bit of beef against cyclists. He said things like “bloody cyclists, you think you own the f***ing road”.

“I just could not believe it, I was completely shocked.”

Wiltshire Police confirmed they were conducting enquiries into the incident.

A statement said: “We are investigating an assault which occurred in Cricklade shortly after 3pm on Sunday August 9.

“The driver made threats towards the cyclist before driving off in the direction of Malmesbury Road.

“He is described as white, approximately 6ft 3 inches tall, stocky, with greying hair which was slightly balding.

“He was wearing a long-sleeve check shirt and jeans.

“The victim attended the Great Western Hospital following the incident.”