People did not vote to become pariah state

Open letter to Justin Tomlinson: Is Mr Johnson seeking to destroy this country and its standing in the world?

He was voted in just nine months ago with an ‘oven-ready’ deal. And now he seeks to breach the international treaty he voluntarily signed up to, planning to write national law that undermines the withdrawal agreement and Northern Ireland protocol. Just to obtain the kind of Brexit he wants.

The rest of the world is watching our descent into becoming a shadow of our former selves, financially and morally.

Who will want to negotiate with a country seen to break its commitments?

How will this improve our prospects of being seen as a trustworthy partner in trade deals?

We are already known to be desperate and therefore easy pickings, especially as the NHS and food standards have not been protected.

Our future looks dark, and before long the voters will realise who is behind our country’s demise and their diminished way of life.

It has become patently obvious that our prime minister is way out of his depth.

And the advice he is getting and is abiding by will cause untold damage. So much for ‘taking back control’. We already had that but we’re now going to lose it.

We implore you not to collude with this. Your constituents did not vote for a no-deal Brexit or for us to become a pariah state.

Dr Adam Poole

Dr Sam Hollings

Steve Rouse

Swindon for Europe

Plea to get a grip on Covid culprits

So what are the authorities going to do about it? Mixed messages SA, September 9.

So the council spends money to get S1mba to get the Covid message over to everyone, and then he is spotted at a party of 50 people at Manchester Road.

I clear case of "don't do as I do, do as I say"

Broadgreen has the highest infection rate in the South West, but what will be done. NOTHING

Law abiding citizens like myself cannot now have social gatherings with our families but these selfish idiots get away with doing what they want.

When will the authorities get a grip on the real culprits.

Sam Smyth


Right by implication

In response to the letter from Martin Webb that was relative to my thoughts on immigrants and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ etc, I can only say; ‘You can fool some of the people some of the time’, ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time’ but you can’t fool ‘All of the people all of the time!

Martin Webb is absolutely correct in his various comments about the content of my letter, because he implies it is so!

Chris Gleed

Proud Close