ROBERT BUCKLAND vowed to resign as justice secretary if the Government breaks the law “in a way that I find unacceptable”.

This comes amid growing criticism of Boris Johnson’s plans to introduce legislation to override his Brexit deal.

Buckland insisted he does not believe the UK will “get to that stage”, insisting legislation that could break international was a “break the glass in the emergency provision if we need it”.

Here's what you told us over the weekend...

David King: “Buckland’s a remainer, of course he will come out and say this.

“I bet there is no evidence that it does break the law.”

Patrick Connolly: “So, Gina Miller proved that domestic law is sovereign, and therefore overrides any international treaty, the remainers were happy when this was used in their favour, now the proposal is to use this ruling to help Brexit, they are suddenly up in arms about it.”

Jay Carroll: “Can we know in advance please which laws Buckland thinks are acceptable to be broken by government?

“This is genuinely scary for a democracy based upon the rule of law. We are dangerously through the looking glass now.”

Adam Poole: “As part of the leave campaign the current leadership of the Tory party broke both electoral law and data protection laws, and then of course there was last year’s breach of the law over suspending parliament.

“Let's see if we can get a straightforward answer out of the Tory robot - is breaking the law acceptable yes or no?

“As Secretary of State for Justice, Lord Chancellor and a qualified lawyer Buckland should be upholding the law not undermining it as he is.”

Matthew Cestmir Rubringer: “Government spreading message that some laws are acceptable to break, based on your personal interpretation...What could go wrong?

Andrew Nelson: “Laws are made to be broken.

"They should never be a barrier to progress and there are many international laws most normal people would object to...”

Anthony Spencer:” Robert must be proud to have been made Lord Chancellor, imagine having the role for such a short time and this happening, either do the job you swore an oath to do, or become corrupt and allow your government to break the law.”

Julian Smith: “There's no question- he should resign as should Suella Braverman and everyone else in government. They are dangerously incompetent or wilfully wicked, not in between.”

Hilary Brooks: “It is so sad that some can't understand why the integrity of our leaders is so important and where this could lead.”

Richard Long: “No way will he resign. He's a career politician and will do anything to further himself.”

Andrea C: “Of course he should resign in protest and be holding the Government to account. Its his job to ensure that Government and ministers uphold the law otherwise how can they ever pass new laws or update legislation?

“The public expects its elected officials to conduct business legally and represent this country internationally with integrity.”