Covid testing fiasco

I have read on my tablet in which your paper stated there was only four cases of Coronavirus?

I disbelieve that totally. My reason is because I tried to book a test on Friday and the only slots available was either in Inverness or Edinburgh Scotland. On Saturday I tried again all day , however, it said that Swindon don't have any testing stations? On Sunday I managed to book a slot at Wroughton at 3pm .When I arrived at the testing station I was turned away because they said that my booked time was not confirmed, the man at the entrance said he had turned many people away who had also booked and with the same problem.

So there is no way that the figure quoted is accurate, the figure given must be taken not with a pinch of salt but with a shovelful of salt. It's an absolute farce.

Allan Woodham

West View


Empty test station

I thought you might like to hear about the ridiculous Covid test system in Wiltshire.

Having been on holiday in Devon and therefore mixing with others. On my return I thought I should get tested.

Online I was told I should go to Bristol, as I live in Wootton Bassett and Swindon is only five miles away I decided not to go.

I do voluntary work at the Air Museum on Old Sarum Airfield three days a week. At Old Sarum in the Park & Ride site for Salisbury is a Testing Station.

Yesterday morning on the way to the Museum I called in as there was no other cars there and asked to be tested. I was told I had to make an appointment. I informed them I had tried and had been told to go to Bristol.

The man I spoke to told me he was very sorry but even though I was the only person there I could not be tested unless I had booked online and so, I, who was trying to do the right thing was sent away from a completely empty Testing Station without being able to be tested.

Have you ever heard of such absolute stupidity?

I felt so sorry for the man there as he said he hated doing this as it seems so ridiculous. Our so-called leaders in London all need to be looked at by a psychiatrist. If we keep having to have them make the decisions we all might as well all not bother with any of their useless advice.

John Stevens

Cloatley Crescent

Royal Wootton Bassett

A broken promise

I was shocked and disgusted to hear Robert Buckland suggesting he'd resign if the government broke the law "in a way that I find unacceptable".

You swore an oath to uphold the rule of law Robert, you don't get to choose which laws to break. You hold one of the highest positions in our country's legal system. You're supposed to be a guardian of it.

In 2019 you said: "I will work hard to maintain our international reputation for excellence we have when it comes to our legal services and our judiciary.... I want people to have confidence in a justice system that is fair, open and accessible, that protects victims and makes our streets safer – a justice system of which we can all be proud and whose values will and must endure."

How will that international reputation suffer if the UK can no longer be trusted? What confidence can we have when the government picks and chooses which laws to abide by, not only in Barnard Castle, but now on the international stage.

You knew Boris Johnson was a liar when you fell in behind him. How far are you prepared to follow him?

If your latest statement is a true reflection of your views, you should resign now.

Andy Bentley

Swindon Area Green Party