A baked bean tin sculpture of children’s favourite Shaun the Sheep helped artist Paul Greening cope with depression.

The 50-year-old from Moredon came close to taking his own life four years ago and was referred to mental health group Ipsum.

It was there that a volunteer asked if he would make his wife’s favourite character.

So Paul set to work, using 80 baked bean cans, seven tuna, a chicken pie tin and some old brake discs from a car as the base to create the cheeky little character.

He told the Adver: “Four years ago, my partner cheated on me and I attempted to take my own life and ended up in hospital.

“Then, I was refereed to Ipsum a charity that helps people with various problems.

“Being around people with the same problems was great and I started to realise the artwork I was doing was helping to block some of my negative thoughts.

“I spent two years going there which was improving my health.”

Paul is not working due to his depression and anxiety and he is agoraphobic so he spends much of his time making all sorts of things to help with his health.

He said: “I love making things, painting, and recycling and I do care for the planet, and it feels good using something that’s going in a bin. I’ve spent about 150 hours on it, may be even more.”

He added: “I’d say for people going through the same thing, keeping the brain occupied helped me through some of my darkest moments.

“And if you are struggling, Ipsum was a good place to be even if you are not an expert or never done art,

“It’s good to be around people that understand how you feel. Due to Covid, I haven’t been there for some time now, which is hard.

“I like to paint, I like metal work, woodwork, anything that keeps me busy.”

Paul said making Shaun the sheep helped him deal with his mental health issues while in lockdown.

He said: “My health is still an ongoing issue but being indoors too long can grind you down.

“Keeping busy is the key.”

The charity provides counselling for people across Swindon and the surrounding areas.

Counsellors support people with a range of issues from loneliness and isolation to suicidal thoughts, loss and bereavement.

Visit ipsum.care online or call the chaity on 01793 695 405 for information about services.

The group can also be found on social media at facebook.com/ipsum.swindon