Daddy-daughter obsessive

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Mathew Carlsson Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

A fetishist who spoke of molesting what he thought was a 12-year-old girl has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.

“Loner” Mathew Carlsson spoke of using sex toys on the girl, which he termed magic wands, and said he would support her financially. He played out his sick fantasies on web chatrooms and in a call to the “girl” and her mother.

Jailing the Lyneham man for four years and six months, Judge Jason Taylor QC said: “In the conversations generally you sexualised the topics, you went into graphic detail, you taught this young girl, about the role of a dominant daddy, saying you would look after her, that would include financial support, but also reassuring her as to your intentions.”

Car park sex attacker

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Dean Clark Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

David Murray John Tower resident Dean Clark looked out his window and spotted his victim on the top floor of the Brunel West car park. 

He walked over to the multi-storey and engaged her in conversation before molesting her as she tried to leave. 

This week he was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years' imprisonment - a month after he was found guilty of sexual assault by penetration. 

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140mph police chase down the M4

Police released this shocking footage from the police chase Video: WILTSHIRE POLICE

Ali Dini, 20, was caught doing 108mph down the motorway near Swindon. He made a play of stopping for police but sped off - hitting 140mph as he sped down the hard shoulder. 

Resident judge Peter Crabtree, sitting at Salisbury Crown Court on Friday, jailed him for six months after the Range Rover driver admitted dangerous driving.

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Albanian Merc man jailed

A Mercedes driver who had a forged Albanian licence and no insurance was jailed for three months.

Sending Armir Dyrmishaj down for 12 weeks, Judge Peter Crabtree said: “You were not insured and you put innocent road users at risk.”

He'd been pulled over after police spotted him driving erratically in Broadgreen. 

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Jail for drug pushers

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The couple were caught up in an undercover police operation. Armed police raided properties across Swindon in January. (Picture from a raid on a house unrelated to the latest court case).

Addicts Sarah Scott, 34, and Kyle Menham, 21, fell into the illegal drugs trade after getting into debt with their dealers.

They admitted supplying to undercover police officers and were each given 30 months inside on Friday.

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