Rejoining is the only oven-ready deal

Cabinet minister for Brexit readiness (sic) Michael Gove claimed on Sunday that Britain is “well-prepared” for no deal.

But the Institute of Directors say that only 1 in 5 (21 per cent) companies are “fully prepared” for the end of our European Union transitional arrangements on 31 December.

Should we trust the judgement of people actually running the firms that have to navigate the mountain of new regulations about to hit them?

Or those politicians who told us in 2016 to ignore experts and “Project Fear” because “we hold all the cards”? More a pack of lies than cards, of course.

The Government seems to have got nowhere in the last 4 years – apart from spending hundreds of millions of pounds on pointless new border bureaucracy and inflicting billions of pounds worth of red tape and lost trade on British companies annually.

Infuriatingly, it still tells firms to get a move on – “time is running out” – even as the government itself has yet to decide what new arrangements it will be inflicting on us all from January1.

The UK needs a transition extension beyond December – otherwise the UK economy will face a Brexit chaos and Covid resurgence double-whammy.

With that prospect now here, we desperately need to conclude the deal with Europe which we have repeatedly been promised. The failure of ministers, such as Mr Gove, to act months ago has painted Britain into a corner.

Further failure by this Government will make a difficult winter even worse. In the short term, we need a deal. And in the long term? - Rejoin the EU, of course!

That is the only real “oven-ready” deal and the only way that Britain will be able to "build back better"!

Steve Cowdry

Saddleback Road



Selfish anti-maskers

Watching the Tele a few night ago and there was a program on called Saving lives at Sea all about the heroes who go out in all winds and weather to save those in peril on the sea.

Make no mistake these really are well above average bravery. Every time they go out on a distress call, they are putting their lives on the line.

To do that on a regular basis make them very special and they don't get paid for it they are all volunteers.

Yet here in the UK we have people who aren't brave and have no common sense whatsoever.

These are the Me Me Me brigade. There are sensible rules that will, if followed keep us relatively safe from Covid 19.

But to vast numbers of the population this doesn't apply to them. And no, I am not talking about students at "Uni" even if they are supposed to be bright??

No there are swathes of what I suppose are "Normal Working Folk" but they seem to think that all these rules to help keep us all safe or at least safer don't apply to them.

So, they congregate in large numbers and usually after copious amounts of alcohol. You have to ask yourself the question. Are they just idiots or have they imbibed so much alcohol that their brains no longer function?

Or maybe they are so clever that they automatically know better than all the Medical experts, The Doctors and Nurses who work in this dangerous environment trying to save the lives of those that are ill.

David Collins

Blake Crescent