The borough council is set to receive an extra £3,66m in funding from the Government, but finances are still under considerable pressure says the deputy leader.

It was announced this week that the council will benefit from a share of £900m to help authorities cover coronavirus-related costs and ensure they have the resources needed to keep providing key services during the pandemic.

Cabinet member for finance Russell Holland told the Adver: “Because of Covid-19 we faced additional costs pressures of £18m.

“This was a combination of money spent to keep people safe, especially in our care homes as well as lost income such as car parking and museum admissions.”

The money follows the £13m Covid funding the council has already received from the Government.

Coun Holland said: “We are extremely grateful to the Government for this additional funding which comes on top of the £13million we have already received.

“The Government promised to stabilise council finances in light of the pandemic and by its prompt action the council finances are stable.

“This is on top of the millions of pounds which have helped thousands of businesses and individuals in Swindon through the furlough scheme, rates relief scheme, discretionary grants and additional Council Tax benefit.”

This is the fourth announcement of extra direct support for local authorities since the start of the pandemic.

SBC is expecting to overspend on its £149m general fund budget for 2020-2021.

He said: “While this funding is very welcome to provide much needed stability to council finances, the continuing increased demand for adult social care together with the consequences of the pandemic mean that the finances are still under considerable pressure, which means that we will need to continue to make difficult decisions in the future.”

Swindon will benefit from a share of a further £100m established to support council-run leisure centres across the country.

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson said: “The Government support is proving crucial to people living in Swindon as it means Swindon Borough Council can continue to provide the essential services needed. The extra £3.66million announced today is hugely welcome and will ease financial pressures on Swindon Borough Council and ensure it is able to continue providing vital local services this winter.”

MP for South Swindon Robert Buckland added: “Just like we said we would stand behind people whose jobs are at risk – with over £200 billion so far to project jobs, incomes and businesses throughout and beyond this pandemic – this Conservative Government is keeping its promise to local authorities and ensuring they have the resources they need to continue supporting people.”

The council has now received £27,1m in direct extra support from the Government since the start of the pandemic.