SWINDON Town manager Richie Wellens confirmed which players and football staff have tested positive for coronavirus.

He spoke about the back-and-forth of discussions that led to Saturday's much-anticipated match against Oxford United being called off.

Speaking to BBC Wiltshire's Talk of the Town, he said that Toby Holland, Tommy Wright, Noel Hunt Steve Mildenhall tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday morning. Physio Tom Holmes did not have a test but is suspected to have had coronavirus because he was "really bad".

Jordan Stevens is self-isolating because he shared a car with Holland.

Wellens said the team were still prepared to play Saturday's game but he was then told that despite testing negative, he and the team's analyst would have to self isolate as a precaution.

Wellens added: "We would be going into the game without football staff, just the kit men and fitness coach.

"How can you turn up for a professional football match like that? The goalkeeper needs someone to warm him up and get the players ready, you need staff to make sure everything is organised."

Wellens argued this case with the EFL who said Town should still play or risk a fine or points deduction.

The STFC manager then spoke to the club's chairman and said that playing would be the best option because the Oxford game being called off would lead to "a massive backlog of fixtures" because Tuesday's match against Accrington has also been cancelled.

Wellens added: "The chairman was not happy with that. I was not happy with it either but we had been backed into a situation that we should never have to make a decision on.

"Then Public Health England got involved and said hang on a minute. They spoke to EFL who then allowed us to postpone the match without points deductions.

"The chairman has done really well. We were desperate to play it but when the manager is not allowed to go with his closest football staff, it would have made a mockery of it."