A WILDLIFE rescue centre has warned people not to attempt to catch an injured fox in West Swindon.

RSPCA Oak and Furrows received reports on Thursday night that members of the public were trying to capture it near the Link Centre.

Anj Saunders, administrator at RSPCA Oak and Furrows, near Cricklade, said: “We had a phone call about this, and our out-of-hours staff member advised the called to not attempt this.

“I backed this up by putting a post on the Swindon Community Notice Board page on Facebook to explain why it can be dangerous to do this.”

She said people can put themselves in danger if they attempt to approach it.

“We know that the fox comes quite close to people and will take food, but if cornered, he is likely to become scared and do everything he can to escape,” she said.

“Foxes teeth are so sharp, and we would hate for anyone to get hurt while trying to help an animal.

“We are always at the end of the phone 24 hours a day if anyone ever needs help with foxes, badgers, swans, deer and otters, all of which we would not recommend attempting to catch, just stay close by where you can see the animal and ring us as soon as you can.”

They first received reports of this fox 18 months ago. Anj said the injury looks like an old healed break.

“We went out many times only for him to run away each time, and not be fooled by the trap,” she said.

“Despite the fact he only uses three legs, he seems to be getting about fine for the time being, and is certainly getting enough to eat.”

The rescue centre can be contacted on 01793 751412.