A SPOOKY Halloween trail full of scarecrows has been set up around St Andrew’s Ridge.

Families can search the area for 56 of the straw-filled structures until Saturday evening.

Damian Pickett thought of the idea and encouraged his neighbours to start making creepy and colourful bird deterrers.

Word spread fast, with people travelling from as far as Cirencester to take part.

On Halloween itself, a pumpkin hunt will see 150 mini plastic pumpkins scattered around for children in the parish to find before scarecrow trail prizes are awarded.

Damian said: “I got everything together, gave everyone their numbers and made the map but without 56 people getting their string and sellotape out to make these scarecrows, it wouldn’t have happened.

“People are desperate for something to do do keep the kids amused and I’ve been trying to find things to do with my time, so it’s worked out well.

“It’s been massively popular already and I’m thankful for all the support, people were so eager to help.”

Sara Penicud from Abbey Meads School said: “Damian deserves a huge shout-out for all he does for the community. He held a quiz every Saturday night during lockdown and one every Saturday afternoon for the kids.

“Truly a generous and selfless man just keen to put a smile on everyone’s face.”