Cost of replacement poppy is too high

As a resident of Royal Wootton Bassett, I felt I needed to respond to the recent article regarding the Forever Poppy Fund.

It seems to me that £300,000 is an inordinate sum of money to want to spend on a replacement for the marble Forever Poppy which the town’s residents indicated they wanted at a meeting at the Wiltshire Hotel on 25 September 2018.

I understand that the artist Mark Humphrey is still interested in providing a re-engineered marble poppy at no cost to the town and I would suggest that this is a more sensible and economic way to fulfil the town’s wishes.

I intend to pursue this further with the help of other interested parties in the town.

Martin Lansdowne

Briars Close

Royal Wootton Bassett

Buck stops at Boris Johnson's desk

The disgraceful delay in the democratic vote by Parliament to leave the European Disunion depressed me.

The draconian measures regarding the Covid virus did not only depress me, but enraged my staunch belief in the freedom of choice of every human being.

However a recent incident has cheered me up and made me be proud to be British once again.

Our boys from the Special Forces took charge of an oil tanker in threat off the Isle of Wight. One of my favourite holiday places.

In the meantime Tony Hancock, sorry Mathew David John Hancock, aged forty two, appears regularly on the media pontificating the dissemination of my normal way of life as well as millions of my fellow citizens, and as a taxpayer I am paying his wages.

Not to mention the destruction of businesses all over our island. Devastating grieving families from attending funerals of their dear ones. Reducing one of the momentous moments in life of weddings. To a sorry you cannot come in to a mathematical thirty only.

We are human beings not robots, nor Daleks. Having existed thirty five years longer in this dimension than this little jumped up Charlatan. Listening to him sends me back sixty seven years ago as if I was still a school child.

Not to mention his leader.The old saying still stands .The buck stops on the desk of the main man. Boris Johnson. Though I strongly suspect that Boris is lining up a Patsy for his own failures regarding Covid-19. Readers agreed ? God Bless you all,

Bill Williams

Merlin Way