The Health Hydro is one of Swindon's most haunted places, visited by ghostbusters from across the UK looking to make contact with the spirits who reside there.

The Grade II listed Victorian health hydro was built in 1891 for the Great Western Railway as the GWR medical fund dispensary and swimming baths. Its aim was to provide those suffering from illness or injury with the best possible healthcare.

The building was also used as a hospital for returning soldiers in World War One.

Paranormal investigators from across the country have been visiting the baths for years, offering ghost tours and mediumships. 

Owners of Aspects Paranormal, Dawn Banks and Gemma Turner, have been paranormal investigators for nine years but have felt sensitive to spirits all their lives. We reached out to them to find out about the Hydro.

Going in 'cold'

The Aspects Paranormal team prefers to do as little research as possible before entering a location to ensure their experience is as natural as possible. 

Their investigations normally start at around 8pm, while the paranormal team arrives an hour earlier to set up the instruments. 

Just some of the equipment that ladies use includes EMF detectors, motion sensors and digital thermometers. As well as a range of spiritual equipment such as ouija boards, dowsing rods and crystal rope to complement their own spiritual abilities.

On arrival at the Health Hydro the two women were given a quick tour of the building by the managers and shown some of the historic hotspots. 

Swindon Advertiser:

The gallery overlooking the Victorian baths - image from Dawn Banks. 

The building has not changed much over the years and there are plenty of original features still intact. 

They started their investigation in the changing rooms where they experienced "cold spots" and the presence of children. 

Spookily Gemma recalled: "I had an image of a young girl hiding behind Dawn's legs, just as Dawn turned to me and asked if she had someone behind her."

Moving through the Hydro to the gallery surrounding the imposing Victorian baths the investigators revealed a wealth of paranormal activity. 

Gemma, 32, said: "While standing up there my right elbow started feeling very cold.

"Our digital thermometer showed a 5C difference in the temperature of that spot on my arm to the surrounding air - this was in the middle of July, and it was very warm with no air in there."

In the paranormal world, cold spots are common phenomena known to indicate the presence of ghosts. 

Moving to the empty poolside the investigations team discovered active poltergeists and were ready to take their connections one step further using their quartz rope, designed to be used by spirits to make the investigators move around. 

Swindon Advertiser:

The poolside where Aspects Paranormal used their quartz rope to connect with spirits (image - Dawn Banks).

Gemma said: "We stood perfectly still, but ended up halfway down the pool from where we started with our hands above our heads!"

However, the spookiest of all spirits was the young soldier that remains in the room upstairs where exercise classes are now held.

Gemma explained:

"Dawn began to channel a young soldier who had been taken there while it was a hospital during the war. I spoke with him, through Dawn, and learned about his life and his passing.

"When I thanked him for his service, he told me no-one had ever said that to him before.

"It was very emotional." 

The spirits in the health hydro on the whole were described as light-hearted and not dangerous, seemingly continuing with their afterlives as they had their real lives. 

However, the ladies explained there were a couple of areas in the building they did not want to venture into or loiter in too long.

Dawn, 49, said: "what the spirits in those areas want, I do not know."

Have you ever had any paranormal experiences in the Health Hydro? Let us know in the comments.

Dawn also owns Crone's Cottage where she offers mediumship, numerology, intuitive guidance, and card readings, as well as Life Purpose and Law of Attraction Coaching, and healing. 

Compliance specialist Gemma used to practice as a grey eclectic witch in her formative years and now offers energy healing, tarot & oracle card readings as well as being an investigator.