Clean up your own house before spewing bile at others

We respond to the article Swindon's MPs label Labour not fit to govern (SA, October 30).

Mr.Tomlinson says "we saw how nasty the Corbyn cult was in North Swindon." Both Tomlinson and Buckland were quick to condemn Jeremy Corbyn after his suspension from the Labour Party, but neither of these two MPs have condemned the racist language from current PM Johnson or his two predecessors Cameron and May, who have used inflammatory language towards Muslims, migrants and refugees etc.

We're sure many of us can remember the mobile billboards wheeled out in London in 2013, which told alleged illegal immigrants to "go back home. "

These billboards led to a huge increase in both verbal and physical attacks on migrants and perceived migrants. Robert Buckland instead of condemning these billboards supported them and what about this goverment's treatment of the Windrush generation?

Next time Messers Buckland and Tomlinson spew their bile at Corbyn and his cult they need to look at their own party and the policies they have supported, which have brought about the hostile environment, in which migrants, refugees and Muslims now live in.

No politician has campaigned against racisim more than Jeremy Corbyn has done over many decades

Martin & Mark Webb

Old Town

Support police going into second lockdown

Wiltshire Police officers were among those called to shut down the illegal and reprehensible rave in Yate.

The officers faced an absolutely unacceptable level of violence. No officer should be the victim of abuse when doing their job. This is especially true when the officers in question were in the midsts of keeping the public safe during this pandemic.

Whilst I understand the fear and frustration of the people of Wiltshire as we enter this second Lockdown, I urge the public to provide the police with the respect and support they not only require, but deserve

Liz Webster

Liberal Democrat Prospective Wiltshire and Swindon Police and Crime Commissioner

Here we are again

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and then expecting different results.

Welcome to the world of, in my personal opinion, one the most inept Prime Ministers of my lifetime.

My local habitat the Coleview Community Centre, similar to many across our island, was slowly but surely bringing back its core local regulars. Abiding by all the nonsensical rules.

Now this ridiculous new lockdown has destroyed that. I do not use that word lightly.

I will sit at home at the weekend for the next four weeks with my little adopted English Springer Spaniel on my knee with a few cans of Johnny Barleycorn the demon drink.

It helps with being on your own as a widower.But it is no substitute for the camaraderie of human contact we normally have on a daily basis before this pandemic nonsense.

As a member of a charitable organisation that contributes millions to the needy, one of man .What cost to the poor and deprived has this inflicted on their need for financial support ? I rest my case.

God Bless you all.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way