Bring back Paolo Di Canio as manager

Can we ask the Swindon Town FC owner to call Paolo?

He is looking for a job and still has unfinished business at the Town!

And he liked us and we liked him.

Roger Foord



No more office blocks

I am a proud Wiltshire man and hate to see our largest town centre in such decline.

So, your report on Friday brought a bit of good news.

We are not alone in competition for Developers money though,so the regeneration ‘vision’ needs to be bold and for the whole area, not just bits like Kimmerfields.

The key, in my view, is to get the canal back on the new route, using Faringdon Rd. It draws in the park, the model village and other parts of Swindon’s Heritage Quarter and would produce a vibrant community, close to the station and within walking distance of the shops which could become a “ go to “ desirable area to live in.

People like to be beside water, it has a calming, restorative effect; the success of the Wichelstowe development around Waitrose, proves the point.

And please, no more office blocks, they are long past their sell by date.

Nicholas Bailey

Coronation Road

Reasons why the left hates Donald Trump

I felt I had to comment on Steve Jacks' contribution on why the left hates Donald Trump (SA, October 10).

Besides the obvious that Trump has made an art form out of being obnoxious, aggressive and downright unedifying (meaning non-fortifying morally, nor imparting of wisdom), he takes a positive delight in insulting US ex-servicemen who had the misfortune of being taken prisoner, especially in places like Vietnam - a war that he and George Bush both studiously avoided.

As for the two Nobel peace prize nominations for making a serious attempt at peace in the Middle East, he ignored Palestinians' opinion and sucked up to the Israelis instead. Hardly a recipe for lasting peace.

Mr Jack says Trump is no racist but I didn't notice Trump condemning or doing something radical when the murder of that black US citizen was shown all over the world. US and GB police brutality remain a constant, only slowed by diligent reporting and photography.

Meanwhile Hispanic children remain apart from their parents, a mere statistic from Trump's efforts to keep economic migrants out, a by-product of America's ongoing war on nations that dare oppose US policy.

The wealth inequalities continue to increase the US, fuelling hatred and despondency.

It is a fact that the Hispanic and Negro populations will soon outnumber the whites in the US so perhaps Trump's policies can be understood better in demographic terms. This is still a world in which six per cent of the population, 350m (US) has 60 per cent of the world's wealth and the likes of China (pop 1bn) want an increasingly larger share.

Christopher Rhodes-Watts