These are the fearsome-looking imitation firearms seized as police swooped on suspected members of an Eldene drugs gang.

The submachine gun-style gas-fired weapon and pistols were found during a recent raid in east Swindon, Wiltshire Police said.

A dedicated operation set up by the force a year ago to tackle drug dealing in Eldene has 27 live investigations ongoing. So far, officers have made 75 arrests and seized around £80,000-worth of drugs and between £40,000 and £50,000 in cash and assets. The operation has been christened Theseus.

This week, Grant Townsend, 23, of Norwood Close, Liden, became the latest member of the gang to be jailed. He was given three years and four months’ imprisonment after admitting four counts of possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine, with an additional 10 months given on top for witness intimidation in an unrelated case.

Last month, runners Aaron Betterton and Jack Parfitt were sentenced to four-and-a-half and four years and three months respectively. They had been caught during a police raid on a filthy home in Eldene, where drugs were being cut and bagged in a child’s bedroom.

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Insp Barry Reed said of the Eldene line – sometimes referred to in courts as the “Eldene 2” line: "This gang, operating in this area of Swindon, started out as a street gang which grew through contacts with criminals outside of the town and the exploitation of young people who become ‘debt bonded’ to the gang; and so, a bit like a modern slavery case, are unable to escape and have to stay to work off a debt - often by being forced to deal drugs under the threat of extreme and serious violence.

"We have found young vulnerable people often fearful of these gang leaders but feel trapped and have nowhere to go.

"We have multi-agency interventions set up to try and safeguard and protect these youths moving forward.”

Supt Phil Staynings said: "Hard working people see these criminals living what appears to be a life of luxury having lots of money for little effort through their illegal activities.

"However, I hope the message is getting through that those who break the law will be caught and prosecuted.

"We will not tolerate criminal behaviour by these groups and we will continue to work alongside our partner agencies to deal with these people and put an end to gang crime in Eldene.”

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Guns and drugs seized during a raid by police in east Swindon Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

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