TEENAGE bikers have had their off-road vehicles seized following complaints about anti-social behaviour 

Two 16-year-old boys on trial bikes were spotted by PC Sean Williams and special PC Mark Kennedy who were patrolling the Barbury Castle area yesterday afternoon.  

The teenagers, both from Swindon, were stopped and had their bikes seized. They were reported for not having a valid licence or insurance.  

PC Williams said: “We have received several reports from residents living in the rural Ridgeway area about people riding bikes and causing a major nuisance.  

"We are carrying out additional patrols in these rural areas to clamp down on this individuals." 

The seizures come in the middle of the police’s road policing campaign aiming to reduce the number of seriously injured and fatal road traffic collisions in the county. 

To ride a trial bike, mini-moto, quad bike or similar off-road vehicle on the road it must have the following:

• Valid MOT certificate if more than three years old
• Full car licence or a category B1 licence if it was issued before January 1997
• A minimum of third-party insurance to drive a quad bike on the road
• Registered with the DVLA, taxed, with front and rear number plates for a quad bike
• Only vehicles that meet the required standards and are registered with the DVLA can be used on roads, pavements and car parks. As well as being registered, they must be taxed and insured.
• There are no exemptions for vehicles designed for off-road use or for young people.