AN illegal tracking device caught fire on a driveway after crooks attached it to a Range Rover.

Police have issued a warning to owners of high-value cars in the area and shared video footage and a picture of the burnt-out device.

They believe organised criminal gangs have been attaching badly-made devices to vehicles to block the signal from in-built tracking systems.

PC Keith Macdonald said: "We are urging vehicle owners, especially those of high value, to be aware of this type of criminal activity.

"In this latest incident involving a Range Rover, it had travelled into Oxfordshire and back to Swindon so we cannot say for sure when or where the device was placed on the vehicle. 

"The owner first thought something was wrong when his factory fitted tracking device and app started to malfunction.  

"Based on these findings we would advise high value car owners to contact their dealer if they notice similar faults with their tracking apps and please don't ignore them."

Anyone who suspects their vehicle has been tampered with or find a device like this should call 101.