PPE procurement row

The National Audit Office has released a damning report into government PPE procurement practices. It confirms that the government failed to manage conflicts of interest, dished out public money to deeply unsuitable companies and has improperly shied away from proper scrutiny. The report confirms that companies, allegedly known often by the private offices of ministers, were more than TEN times as likely to win a contract than other suppliers!

Indeed, over £20 million of taxpayers’ money went to one man - Gabriel Gonzalez Andersson. Not to supply PPE - because he didn’t - but to act as a go-between for a jeweller from Florida whom the UK government selected to supply £250 million worth of PPE!

The Florida jeweller is called Michael Saiger and, from him, the government bought unfathomable amounts of PPE, that the evidence suggests we didn’t need (at the time) at inexplicably extortionate prices.

This government has some serious explaining to do as, indeed, do our local MPs - Messrs Buckland, Tomlinson and Gray. I would urge all constituents to please write to them, expressing your discontent, especially on behalf of our children and grandchildren who will have to pay off the huge debts that this government has accrued!

Steve Cowdry

Saddleback Road