SHOPPERS have mixed feelings over returning to the shops today.

When asked on Facebook, some Adver readers said social distancing fears would stop them going into the town centre – but others stressed it was a personal choice.

Non-essential stores such as Primark reopen this morning and are expected to be busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Alexandra Mancari said: “I’m very, very torn. I really want to support struggling local businesses but I’ve seen the total lack of social distancing and substandard mask wearing.

“So not really confident heading to the shops really.”

Stephen R Brown added: “The shops opening will not change the spread.

“It’s the people who use the shops that will cause a spike because they do not care about others and some are very selfish.”

And Robert Clark said: “I have to say that shops are the place I feel I may catch Covid.

“Restaurants feel very safe as everyone is seated.

“In shops people lean across you to get things off shelves and come very close proximity. I do all my shopping online.

“However I do agree that they should be open.”

But other readers believed that it was time to get back to some normality.

Lauz Kent said: “If you don’t think it’s ‘safe’ then stay at home. Let everyone else live their lives.”

And Lee Brown added: “As long as people adhere to the spacing, use gel and wear face masks I can’t see what the problem is.”

Emma Way said: “Yes I will be heading out not living my life in fear.”

There was a strong feeling of people should have the ability to chose whether or not they go into town, and not have the option taken away by mandatory closures in national lockdowns.

Claire Shell said: “No one is forced into going to town, if you are that worried you won’t go will you.

“People need to earn money to be able to support their families, to keep the roof over their heads as well as being able to eat, which some people forget is an essential thing.

“If you can’t go and earn these things imagine the impact that has.

“The virus is not the be-all and end-all for most people.

Stefanie Sagwal added: “It’s not safe anywhere but everything needs to open and stay open.

“No more lockdowns. We need to learn to live with it.”