SWEETS Galore has reopened in the Brunel Shopping Centre.

The store closed earlier in the year for health reasons but owner Anne McCulloch was able to welcome customers back after lockdown.

Anne reopened the store on Thursday and is working on getting it fully stocked in time for Christmas.

She said: “We’ve had a lot of requests to come back.

“I thought I would end up going online but a lot of our customers are elderly and some of them just come in for a chat. They buy sweets as well, but they really just want to chat.

“Obviously it’s not as easy now with Covid but we only have about six people in the shop at a time and I’ve already seen a lot of my old regulars coming back in.

“We do a lot of sugar-free sweets and vegetarian and gluten free so we can find something for everyone.”

As well as selling the traditional sweets, Anne has added more range to the store by selling ceramic crockery and handmade glasses.