A PLAN to build 104 houses on a former landfill site in Wroughton has been given the green light.

Refuse company Hills already had permission for the development, but had gone back to Swindon Borough Council with a change in the layout and design of the estate.

Neighbours, particularly in the Clyde Cottages which back directly onto the site, were concerned about the layout. The new houses which will be built at the back of their properties will overlook them – especially if a line of trees screening the site is removed – because they are built on higher land.

And they are also worried about losing a 7m wide strip of grass at the back of their properties, which has been used for community events and by children for play.

It is Hills’ land and the company says it will use all but 1.2m of it.

One resident who gave her name only as Joy said: “Because the lane at the front of our houses is inaccessible, emergency vehicles use the strip at the back. If it is reduced this much, emergency vehicles will not be able to gain access. I ask Hills to at least give us 3.5m so a fire engine can reach our homes.

Ward councillor Cathy Martyn asked Hills to consider making land next to the cottages a community garden accessible to residents of existing houses and the to-be-built homes.

She said we have learned of the importance of access to outdoor space over the last year.

Her colleague Brian Ford said he was disappointed because he knew the application would pass because of the previous permission.

Hills’ plans were approved.