Criminals trying to scam people out their personal details in order to commit fraud are now pretending to be from the police.

Last week, the Adver warned people last week scammers were calling people and using an automated voice message pretending to be from HMRC telling people their National Insurance number had been compromised.

Recipients were asked to press 1 to be connected to someone to get a new number and found themselves pressured into give personal details.

Yesterday a Swindon man told the Adver he had received a call and the automated voice message said it was from the National Crime Agency.

It said the recipient’s NI number would be suspended having been noticed in incidences of criminal activity.

The intended victim cut the call.

He said: “I’ve had a few scam calls and a couple of emails since lockdown started, and I’m confident I can spot them, but even so, it comes as a bit of a shock when it says it’s the National Crime Agency.

“I have a father-in-law who is getting on a bit and I worry that he, and other people who might be vulnerable might be fooled by this, because it sounds so important.”

Wiltshire Trading Standards said people should never give personal details to anyone who calls out of the blue.

A spokesman said: “Do not telephone the number provided, or provide anyone with your personal details, including your bank or credit card information.”

To help investigations the HMRC would like people to report full details of the scam by email to:, including a phone number, the caller’s phone number, the time and date of the call and a brief description of the call.