EAST Wichel Park now has its own stone circle thanks to rocks recovered from Cavendish Square.

The Sarsen stones are now a decorative feature in the play area and are the same type as the ones at Stonehenge.

Borough and Old Town councillor Jane Milner-Barry said: “It’s a really nice idea, because they have come from an area they were not needed.

“The park was a bit bleak before the upgrade of the play area.”

The stone circle comes after landscaping work was completed around the play area.

South Swindon parish councillor Neil Hopkins said: “They were initially on a temporary site until we worked out what to do with them. It’s a thoughtful way to use them.

“The area was spacious and pretty barren before these were put in. We have got the stones so people can sit on them and spend some time there as before it only had one picnic bench.”

The area has also had a 'forest' planted. Apprentices at the Mini car plant and pupils from East Wichel Primary School and Nursery helped with the planting.

Cllr Milner-Barry said: "It’s will have around 600 trees. It will be amazing.”

“There will be lots of different species and they grow fast so we will have the benefit of cleaner air and it will be better for wildlife.”

The forest site is sponsored by Swindon-based BMW Mini electric and was put in by the environmental charity Earthwatch, which will monitor it for biodiversity benefits.

Cllr Hopkins added: “When we found they were prepared to sponsor a tiny forest site we thought we could use this for the East Wichel play area. It’s really terrific.

“It compliments the stone circle and it will make an impact and take the carbon out of the atmosphere. But also they don’t use any chemicals to plant them.”

A new fence will be put around the saplings to keep them safe from deer.