EAGER customers queued to have their lockdown mops chopped around the town today.

Barbers and hairdressers reopened as part of the next phase of the government’s roadmap.

People waited outside Celly’s hair salon, The Boss Barber, My Style Barber Shop and New Image barbers as they grabbed their first opportunity for a trim in months.

George Ikley, 24, was one of them. He said: “I have a funeral on Wednesday that I have to go to, so I wanted to look smart. The last time I had a haircut was in December, it’s not been too bad because I’ve trimmed it every so often, but I wanted it done properly.

“I’ve been coming to New Image for four years and I’m really happy they reopened, they made use of the lockdown and refurbished it.”

More than half a dozen people were waiting outside The Boss Barber in Havelock Street as the town centre was buzzing with people excited by the reopening of businesses.

Lee Collins, 24, who was waiting in the queue to get his hair cut, said: “I’ve not had my hair cut for about three or four months now, it’s all grown out. It hasn’t bothered me having to grow it out but I’m glad they have reopened.”

And a woman who wanted to remain anonymous had booked an appointment on Monday morning at Celly’s.

She said: “I’m waiting to go and get a bit of my hair chopped off. It’s about time that they reopened, we’ve all been through a hard time. It’s been horrible not being able to keep my hair tidy, but I’m happy that all the shops have reopened today and we can go back to normal.”

Inna Gawron, who owns the Aqua G in the Brunel Shopping Centre, was over the moon to open the doors to her business again.

Her first client was a bride who is getting married tomorrow.

Inna said: “Today has been so good so far, it’s been really busy, but everyone feels very safe. It’s completely different from when we reopened after the first lockdown because we know exactly what we have to do to keep everyone safe.

“It brings tears to my eyes to be able to keep the business going and to be busy on the first day back. So far, I’ve had two appointments, which is not that many, but they’ve been long appointments because people are getting everything done. All our customers have been our regulars, it’s so strange because I just want to hug them but I can’t.”

Jodie Ann’s Hairdressing, Jade Salons, Slinky Hair and Goldsworthy’s are among the businesses reopening on Tuesday.