LEE Power's legal team hit out at Swindon Town FC’s Supporters’ Trust over its support for Clem Morfuni’s bid.

The Trust’s deputy chairman Rob Angus provided a witness statement to Mr Standing and Mr Morfuni’s lawyers last week in support of Axis’ bid to take over the club.

Mr Angus claimed that the Australian’s offer had been “very well received by the fan base”, who were “very unhappy with the current ownership”.

It was suggested that fans might forego reimbursement of season ticket fees for the 2020/21 season if Axis were to take over – estimated to be worth more than £1m.

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Hannah Thornley, for Mr Power, said of Mr Angus’ statement: “My instructions are that he is just a supporter with no authority or financial interest in the club.

“My instructions are Mr Standing could have picked any random supporter and asked him to agree with him; but that is irrelevant to the options available, namely the sale or administration.”

According to Colin West QC, for Mr Standing and Axis, Mr Power’s solicitor had provided a statement claiming: “The decision by Clem Morfuni to deal with the Swindon Advertiser and supporters’ trust clearly shows constructive dialogue is a waste of time and Clem Morfuni has his own agenda.”

A spokesman for the Swindon Town FC Supporters’ Trust said: “We are confident that Clem Morfuni and his team will work with supporters and revitalise the fanbase, something that is desperately needed.

“We know nothing about Able, we’ve seen no evidence that they exist, let alone offer themselves up as valid custodians of our football club.

“That said, if they are serious candidates, we would welcome their response to our open letter, where we asked for direction and certainty about the future of our club. Now is not the time to stay silent.

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“The club’s legal representative attempted to discredit the supportive witness statement provided by TrustSTFC at the request of Axis and Michael Standing’s lawyer, by saying that we were one of a number of supporters’ groups with a small membership.

“There was no mention of the fact that we are in fact a community mutual society, governed by the FCA, and that our membership is increasing daily, now with over 620 Red Army Fund supporting members and hundreds more free associate members.”

Last week, the Trust said it was told by club bosses it had been “excommunicated”. Hundreds of supporters have signed up since the announcement. they claimed.