April's Pink Supermoon may still be easy to spot tonight.

The moon was at its fullest at 3.14am on Tuesday morning, meaning earth was exactly between the moon and the sun.

But to the naked eye, the Pink Supermoon appears full for two or three nights so it could still be spotted tonight - but may not actually be pink.

It's thought that the Pink Supermoon was named by a group of Native Americans after the creeping phlox (pink moss) that grows at this time of year.

However it may appear slightly pink when it crosses the horizon or reflects the sunset.

Here are some of our Camera Club's best pictures of the Pink Supermoon.

Swindon Advertiser: Emma Sanger-Horwell it reflected the fabulous red sunset we had at the same time which by coincidence made it appear PinkOrange

Pink Supermoon reflecting the red sunset on April 26, taken by Emma Sanger-Horwell

Swindon Advertiser: Vijay Patel

Vijay Patel was up at 5.57am on April 28 to capture the Supermoon setting behind the Lansdowne Monument, tinged pink because of the sunrise.

Swindon Advertiser:

Lisa Hagarty captures the Supermoon behind the trees

Swindon Advertiser: Johnny T Fox

Johnny T Fox pictures the April full moon

Swindon Advertiser: Tom Scholes Moon setting over Markham Banks early on April 27

Tom Scholes pictures the moon setting over Markham Banks in the early hours of April 27

Swindon Advertiser: Close up from Amy Macey on April 26

Close up of the Pink Supermoon, taken by Amy Macey on April 26