A message of thanks

I would like to show my appreciation for the support, friendship and understanding shown to me by the residents of Central Ward.

In the 15 years of public service as a ward councillor I have always tried to resolve the issues raised. But it must be clear some issues go beyond the limits of one councillor and needs the will of the council and the community to make the big changes that are needed.

Can I particularly thank those residents and politicians who have personally thanked me and wished me well when I fell ill?

I am now back on my feet and working to help restore the Mechanics Institute and other heritage buildings.

I am looking forward to stepping back from politics for a while and I will see what opportunities the future holds.

Can I once again say thank you to the residents for the kindness shown and the priviledge of being your Central Ward Councillor.

Bob Wright

Former borough councillor

Central Ward

PCC fiasco shows role should be abolished

I've often advocated for the abolition of the police and crime commissioner role having written to the previous incumbent, Angus Macpherson, a number of times.

I also met him in person at one of his roadshows too. In everyone of his responses, I've come away wondering why I'd bothered.

When you consider that the paid salary is in excess of 80k, with generous expense claims on top, it beggars belief. In my opinion, the position is a complete waste of tax payers money.

The latest shambles with the winner Jonathan Seed disbarred sums it up.

Apparently, the rules stipulate that if you've been convicted for an offence that could lead to a prison sentence, then you cannot stand for the position. It appears a straightforward rule to me.

So why did Jonathan Seed think he was above it, especially when he knew he had a previous conviction on file for drink driving?

His integrity is a real cause for concern and he ought to be utterly ashamed of himself.

Shockingly, the revised ballot will cost in excess of £1m. In my opinion, Jonathan Seed should pay for it himself rather than tax payers. If he won't, then the CPS should investigate and potentially put him before the courts.

Without doubt, this fiasco has reaffirmed my thoughts that the PCC role should be abolished both here in Wiltshire and the whole of the UK.

Finally, when the list of Candidates is produced for the revised ballot, can we replace Jonathan Seed's name with an option to 'Scrap The Position' instead.

After this latest shambles, I'm sure it would come out tops.

Alan Wilson

Shapwick Close

Fuel cap kindness

I would like to extend my thanks to the kind lady who spotted that I had left my petrol cap open on my car after filling up with petrol.

Having left Sainsbury's petrol station, when we were stopped in traffic, she got out of her car, tapped my window and said "Your petrol cap is open, I will close it for you!"

Thank you for bothering!

Margaret Williams

Sandown Avenue