Lack of common sense

I am quite astounded, that further to the quite abysmal circumstances of the PCC Elections having to be aborted, the bureaucrats have now come up with a date of 19th August for the re-run.

Where has common sense gone? This is in the peak holiday month.

The last time PCC elections were held separate from other elections, I believe the turn out in Swindon was around 13 per cent.

This is not democracy.

To hold the elections in August is likely to turn this democratic process into a farce.

Please bureaucrats come up with a sensible date.

The Conservative Party could assist in the resolution of the mess that they have caused and agree not put up a candidate.

The others could step aside and allow the candidate who came second to stand and so save the taxpayers £1.4m.

The money saved could finance the employment of an extra thirty five police officers!

Now wouldn’t that be a real victory!

Phil Baker

The Cullerns


Roadworks woes

How unlucky is SBC? Delays from unknown cables/pipes at Bruce Street, Mead Way and the Moonrakers!

If only Highways had thought to check beforehand.

Its spokesperson thanked residents for their patience in relation to the latter projects - we didn’t have any choice!

Finally, a nomination for the stupidest Swindon road sign - the big white board at Mannington roundabout, with four straight on arrows - contradicting the road markings.

The right turn template must have gone missing.

Derek Lowson



Lottery awards

The 2021 National Lottery Awards are now open for entries.

Once again, the annual search for the UK’s favourite National Lottery funded people and projects will recognise those individuals and organisations who have made an extraordinary impact in their community – especially during these unprecedented times.

National Lottery players raise £30 million every week for good causes and we know this money is being used in amazing and inspiring ways.

As part of The National Lottery Awards we want to celebrate those whose selfless dedication and fantastic work makes such a difference in villages, towns and cities across the country.

Encompassing all areas of National Lottery funding, you nominate local legends and hometown heroes in the following categories: culture, arts and film, community/charity, heritage and sport.

In addition, there will be a young hero award for someone under the age of 18.

Furthermore, groups or organisations are eligible to enter The National Lottery Project of the Year category, where shortlisted finalists will face a public vote later in the year.

All award winners will receive an iconic National Lottery Awards trophy and £3,000 for their organisation.

Nominations can be made by completing an entry form on our website

All nominees must have been funded by The National Lottery or be associated with a National Lottery funded project.

Entries must be received by midnight on 7 June 2021.

Jonathan Tuchner

National Lottery Awards