Cricketer suspended from international test

Reference the Ollie Robinson affair over tweets from many years ago.

The expression " put your mind in gear before you open your mouth (or in this case write a tweet) "

Perhaps this should be introduced to pupils to remind them that something said or put on social media, in the heat of the moment, could come back to bite them later.

Gerry Taylor

Newcastle Street


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Conflict should be seen from both sides

The Arab-Israeli conflict is so complex it cannot be understood unless it is viewed from both sides.

Sadly Mr. Peter Smith (SA, June 7) takes the partial view that the Palestinians can do no wrong and the Israelis are the 'baddies'.

Peace will only come to the region if both sides agree that each deserve not only a homeland but also the right to live next to each other in peace.

We have discussed 'missed opportunities', particularly the failure of the December 2000 Camp David summit.

Mr Smith maintains that I only '"swallowed" the Israeli explanation for their collapse. However, the very sources he cites to discredit my argument, Rob Malley and Hussein Agha, also severely criticized Yasser Arafat's approach to the summit.

"Of course the Palestinians made serious mistakes...we mention quite a few of them...In particular that the Jewish Temple was not in Jerusalem - an offensive position that cannot be excused".

They conclude: "Israeli and Palestinian interests are compatible...In short both sides share a fundamental interest in realizing their national right of self-determination within internationally recognized borders on the basis of the two-state solution" (New York Review, 20/09/01).

That goal can only be achieved if the fighting stops.

A step in the right direction? While the Hamas rockets were raining down on Israel last month, the 17-year old niece of the Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, was in the Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv receiving a bone marrow transplant.

Peter Hicks


MP's canine calamity an embarrassment

Danny Kruger has been in Parliament for less than two years and he has put Wiltshire 'on the map' nationally on two occasions so far.

Firstly when he was photographed not wearing his mask on the train and now for allowing his dog to harass a herd of deer and causing them stampede.

The question is who is out of control?

Where we lived before our Tory MP's dog savaged a prize winning ferret at the county show.

I just hope the bad luck with our MP isn't a jinks that is following us, sorry.

Barry Green

West View Crescent


A member of the Green Party

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