A PLAYGROUND makeover worth £5,000 could be won by a school in Swindon.

Composite Prime is urging schools to take part in its new cross-curricular recycling programme to encourage children aged five to 11 years to recycle plastic waste.

Its Bottle Top campaign inspires students to repurpose their own bottle tops into thought-provoking art murals and sculptures, showcasing the creatures they’d love to protect from plastic pollution.

Composite Prime director, Charles Taylor said: “With around eight million tons of plastic polluting the Earth’s oceans every year, the race to protect marine life is growing more urgent every day. Playing our part in tackling this challenge is one of the key priorities for Composite Prime.

“Our Message in a Bottle Top campaign has been created specifically to target younger generations to ensure Composite Prime is doing its part to educate future recyclers in Swindon. This is absolutely essential for us to continue diverting thousands of tons of discarded plastic from oceans and landfills every year.”

All competition entries submitted by schools, ahead of the deadline on 5th July 2021, will be independently judged by Composite Prime.

For more information visit nationalschoolspartnership.com