Canal could help town centre regeneration

In your article (SA, June 24) on town centre regeneration I saw a number of ideas, but was surprised to see no mention of the canal.

So many people, when coming on our boat trips from Waitrose, say 'This is what the town centre needs'.

Our reply is always that the canal line is protected in the borough's local plan, and that plans to restore it as part of a regeneration (at no cost to the public purse and with significant benefits to, for example, the Mechanics Institute) have been offered to the council but have been rejected for reasons we fail to understand.

This is in remarkable contrast to Highways England, who on June 17 signed a contract with the canal trust to grant nearly £43,000 as the first step in a £2.5m project to create an under bridge to restore the canal under the M4 near junction 16, opening the door to linking Swindon to Royal Wootton Bassett not just by water, but as a much-needed walking and cycling route between the two communities.

It is never too late to consider restoring the canal as part of our town centre regeneration.

Dr Chris Barry

Belmont Crescent

Old Town

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Handbag handed in

Would it be possible, through your Letters to thank the anonymous person who, today, at the Mannington Sainsbury store, found my handbag and handed it in at the information desk there.

I know of no other way of expressing my intense gratitude apart from on line and unfortunately I am not computer literate enough to do that.

Shirley P Francis

Woodspring Court

Grovelands Avenue

Rape conviction figures shame the nation

Robert Buck Passer, sorry Buckland. One of our local MPs. Has now had the audacity to make excuses on national TV. For the lack of convictions. For what is in my firm opinion .One of the most heinous crimes.The horror and indignity of rape.

When I walk my dog on the winter dark nights.You see a lady approaching you on her own. Their ages vary from young to old. But I sense their apprehension. They smile and I smile back. You can sense the relief in their smiles as they safely pass by.

Women by nature who give birth to our future generations are stronger than men, but not physically .

The statistical fact that most rape case beasts are found not guilty. Bearing in mind that quite a few may be entirely innocent. Enrages my mathematical mind regarding the odds on that assumption being correct.

If our wives, daughters, mothers and grandmothers cannot walk the streets of Britain safe from sexual assault. We as men of our nation, should hang our heads in shame until this issue is resolved.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way


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