Staff and pupils at Lawn Manor Academy have learned about the challenges faced by refugees when forced to leave their country and seek sanctuary.

The school adopted this year’s theme We Cannot Walk Alone through lessons in science, the arts and physical education to mark Refugee Week.

Head of personal, social, health and economic education William Smith, said the entire curriculum during the week was devoted to considering the difficulties facing refugees.

“We had Year 8 music pupils playing one of Bob Marley’s compositions, acknowledging that Bob Marley was a refugee himself, and pupils walked a mile in PE, recognising the journeys that refugees have to make,” he said.

“In dance classes, Years 7 and 8 did work orientated around the struggles and hardships refugees face, and in Spanish pupils looked at the different languages refugees may encounter on their journeys.

Through a programme of arts, cultural and sporting events, Refugee Week helps people from different backgrounds to connect. It encourages people to understand why some people are displaced and their need to be able to live safely within inclusive communities.

Mr Smith added: “This is a really important topic, and it was wonderful to see so many pupils engaged in learning about journeys that refugees have to make.”

Maths and science classes focused on the statistics around refugees, in art and the humanities pupils created poems and drawings representing a refugee’s journey and in history they looked at the links to the slave trade, while in drama pupils acted out a journey of a refugee.

History teacher Alex Gasche said: “I’ve really valued the discussions we have had this week, understanding the realities and struggles of life as a refugee.

“Through the United Nations website, guided discussions, a resource pack and poems by refugees, we have been able to consider some of the misconceptions and appreciate the desperate and hopeless situation that refugees find themselves in.

“This week was an important reminder to us that compassion and patience should be shown to people seeking refuge.”

One Year 8 pupil said: “Refugee week has taught me how important refugees are and the struggle they go through to get away from danger and find safe shelter.

"I’ve also learnt the journeys and risks refugees have to take to experience average living.

"The topic allows you to be introspective and think deeply about the risks people take to get to safety, never knowing if they’ll fit in the country, they finally get to.”