Organisers of an outdoor photography festival in Town Gardens are staging walking tour today.

The exhibition, called Photo Swindon 2021, has been put together by Swindon-based Jennifer Berry and features a collection of works by internationally acclaimed and award-winning documentary photographers.

Award-winning photographer Jason Florio is showcasing his work, the River Gambia from Source to Sea in the park until July 11 before it moves to the GWR park and then Queens Park.

He will be there with wife Helen to answer questions go into more detail about his journey through Gambia in 2013.

He wanted to create an account of the communities that live along the banks of what was one of Africa’s last major free-flowing rivers, before a dam was built causing damage to the area.

Tow other photographers in the exhibition are Martin Parr, a documentary photographerwith over 100 books published and award-winning photographer Sanne De Wilde.

The tour starts in the park at noon.