SWINDON Town Football Club is in disarray as it faces legal action for months of unpaid County Ground rent.

The borough council owns the stadium’s site and is taking the club to court after receiving no response to its urgent requests for overdue rent payments.

A spokesman for the STFC Supporters’ Trust said: “A troubling (but not entirely unexpected) development. Another nail in the coffin of the current regime as their stewardship of SN1 is coming to an end.”

This is the latest in a series of disastrous difficulties the club has faced in recent months, including a High Court case, the threat of a transfer embargo due to claims of players and staff not being paid, the lack of a permanent manager, and a Power struggle about the club’s future ownership.

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “The football club has rent arrears and we have made every effort to resolve the issue, providing plenty of opportunities for the club to work with us on structuring a repayment plan.

“We set the club a final deadline to respond with an offer to clear the arrears but, when this was missed, we had no choice but to start the necessary legal action for payment of the debt.

“We fully appreciate that the coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on the finances of lower league football clubs, including Swindon Town, but as with any tenant, the council will take the necessary action if rent is not paid.

“We remain committed to working with the football club to find a way forward on this issue.”

BBC Wiltshire claimed the rent arrears dated back to April 2020.

The club has just come out of a high-profile court case in which a High Court judge told Lee Power he must offer to sell all 85 shares in Swinton Reds to Clem Morfuni’s Axis.

Due to the pre-emption process that remains in place, Mr Power is not entitled to sell STFC to his preferred option of AC Sports - otherwise known as Able - without first offering it for sale to Axis because Axis is a minority shareholder in Swinton Reds, a company which indirectly owns the club.

Mr Power has the right to appeal the decision but as things stand, he must accept the £212,500 sale price initially marked out via the shareholder’s agreement and not the £250,000 that he wanted.

Days after this judgement, the EFL warned of putting a transfer embargo on STFC in place if it finds proof of claims that players and staff have not been paid for the last month.

Football fans have watched in horror over the last few months as their favourite team suffered one setback after another.

Peter Murphy said: “The sooner we get rid of Power the better, or this is going to be the beginning of the end!”

Paul Wardell added: “Currently there is no manager to sign players anyway. This will all be sorted when Clem takes over.”

Commenter with the username ‘Jib Jib’ said: “This is like watching a nightmare tenant getting evicted and destroying the place before the locks get changed.

“I’m actually a bit worried how bad things will get here. it all seems to be getting worse by the day.”

Fellow commenter Voiceofthepeople added: “I am disgusted by Power’s lack of compassion both for the staff and players.

“Just sell up will you. I am shattered by the way Power is treating us the supporters too, how dare he destroy our club!”

On the same day of Swindon Borough Council's legal threat, Town defender Pierce Sweeney mutually terminated his contract with the club.

A club spokesman wished him the best of luck with his future career.