AN INTERNATIONAL photographer’s work has moved to GWR Park as part of an touring exhibition.

It’s the second stop for British photojournalist and filmmaker Jason Florio. He is displaying his work, based on his 2013 journey through Gambia.

Vice-chair of South Swindon Parish Council Janine Howarth said: “We’re really pleased it's come to the GWR as it is the first of three to feature in Swindon and they all have different themes.

"This one is about Gambia and the damage caused by a dam to the lifestyle of the people living there so it’s a representation of their lives.

“People can see it for free and when art is free it makes it more accessible. If you want people to appreciate it, then the more people that see it here the better and this way it will bring it to the majority of people.”

The Photo Swindon 2021 exhibition was put together by Swindon-based photographer Jennifer Berry.

Coun John Firmin said: “The great thing is there is more going on for the community in GWR Park.”

“It’s a new event – I can’t remember us having anything like this before.”

The exhibition will be there until July 20 before moving to Queens Park. Find out more at Photo Swindon online.